Standard Orthotic:


Shell:  The shell of the orthotic is made out of polypropylene. I have chosen this material because it molds well, is durable and has flex providing shock absorption. Depending on the intended use, different top covers should be selected. Cost: $229

Top Covers:  

Vinyl - Used when thinness is desired, such as in dress shoes


Neoprene - 1/8  inch thick neoprine with nylon surface used in athletic shoes & shoes with sufficient space to accommodate.


Cycling Orthotic:



The Cycling Orthotics are made with a carbon fiber shell that is thin and stiff. They are designed specifically for cycling shoes and have a forefoot extension and are narrower. Not recommended for use in regular shoes. Uses 1/16 inch Neoprine top cover.  Cost: $249



Other Products:

Ball & Ring Shoe Stretcher.

This item is used to spot stretch shoes to accommodate for bunions, hammer toes and painful bumps of the feet.

Cost: $55 which includes shipping


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